Buy 1P-LSD Pellets 150 mcg

Buy 1P-LSD Pellets 150 mcg


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IUPAC: 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide


Molecular Mass: 379.45926g/mol

Molecular Formula: C23H29N3O2

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Buy 1P-LSD Pellets 150 mcg

Buy 1P-LSD Pellets 150 mcg,1-propionyl-LSD also known as 1P-LSD or 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide is a new UK uncontrolled LSD analogue.

Recently compounds like ALD-52, LSZ, and AL-LAD were regulated in the UK and other European countries, making them unavailable to researchers not fortunate enough to hold a Home Office license. But with the introduction of 1-propionyl-LSD onto the Pharmaceutical Guru, those researchers can now resume their studies.

Contrary to popular opinion, 1P-LSD cannot undergo hydrolysis into LSD from contact with moisture in the atmosphere, it is quite stable under atmospheric conditions.

Where to get 1P-LSD Pellets

We currently stock 1p-LSD in the form of 100µg blotters, 150µg pellets, and powder for convenient research.

What is 1P-LSD? It is a 1-propionyl-d-lysergic acid diethylamide – lysergamide class chemical substance. Its structure similar to LSD and ALD-52 and the difference is in existed propionyl group which is attached to the nitrogen of the polycyclic indole of original LSD. As we know the first appearance of this chemical on the market of research chemicals in the 2014 year. Now, this analog of LSD so popular especially in blotters forms and micro pellets among scientist and researchers because of 1p acid still legal in Canada, Germany, France, the USA, and other countries. What could be better than the legal alternative of LSD? There’s just a little data on its pharmacological and toxicological properties, therefore you should understand that 1P LSD is not for human consumption.

Buy 1P-LSD Pellets 150 mcg

We are the biggest Research Chemical company specialized in lysergamides. On our website, you can buy 1p-lsd online with express and guaranteed worldwide shipping from Europe. Disregard of the form 1PLSD Blotters or Pellets our package is always safe and discreet. Among well-known old 1P-LSD you also can find 1A-LSD or 1B-LSD at a good price. Even though we ship orders to Worldwide including Canada, Germany, and the USA it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check your legal status of 1P-LSD for sale or other substances we offer by yourself.

ALD-52 or 1A-LSD

As mentioned above we also have in stock ALD-52, another name is 1A-LSD. ALD-52 is the N-acetyl derivative of LSD. It’s quite a new substance and there’s even less information about the pharmacological properties, metabolism, toxicity and long-term health effects exists comparing to 1PLSD. As it is a homolog to ALD-52 it is much comparable to LSD-25. With the introduction of 1P-LSD onto the fine chemical market researchers can intensify their research about lysergamides. ALD-52 was originally discovered by Albert Hofmann, the same scientist who has opened LSD. But it did not enter mainstream awareness until the 1960s Western youth counterculture. In 1968 and 1969, a famous batch of LSD known as “Orange Sunshine” was synthesized by Nick Sands and Tim Scully and made widely available in California. Unlike most research chemicals, 1A-LSD has no prior record in the scientific literature, therefore if you are a scientist you can participate in the research of this chemical, then publish your own research and the information you will have. We currently stock 1A-LSD only in the form of 100mcg blotters for research purposes. The blotters on the one side have blue color structure formula and big label ALD-52. On the other side, each blotter has small label ALD-52.

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1P-LSD Pellets 150 mcg

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